It's the perfect fit for securely wiping, recycling and remarketing devices on a small scale. Plus -- it includes the same easy tracking, detailed certification and superior value that all Sipi customers have come to expect.

Here's how the Box Program delivers value:SIPI AR Box Program

  1. Use our online calculator tool to figure out what size box you need and get a price quote instantly.
  2. Submit a request online, via email, or over the phone including basic contact information and details about the devices to be disposed.
  3. Sipi sends a reinforced box of the appropriate size directly to your mailing address, along with packing supplies, prepaid shipping and instructions.
  4. Pack the box and ship it to the designated secure IT asset processing facilities, and follow the included instructions to track the progress of your order.
  5. Once we receive your assets, our team audits, tests and wipes the device according to our industry-standard disposition process. Sipi will destroy, recycle and remarket according to your request.

The Box Program makes it easy for companies of all sizes to take advantage of Sipi Asset Recovery's ITAD expertise at a remarkable value, as well as receive numerous benefits including:

Which businesses benefit most from the Box Program?

We designed our Box Program for businesses and markets with particular logistics concerns. Perhaps you need to recover company laptops distributed to multiple terminated employees - it's possible to send a secure, prepaid box to each of them and have the devices returned and processed. The Box Program also works well for businesses with multiple locations, especially when on-site pickup would be cost-prohibitive.

This is just one of many ways that Sipi works closely with your organization to provide an affordable turnkey solution to your most complex ITAD needs. Contact us for more information about our customized box program!