Packing and freight services

Packing and Freight ServicesWe work closely with you and project stakeholders to create a customized, detailed plan for how to securely dispose of your IT assets. At the outset of these initial steps, based on your company's specific protocols, you can choose to prepare items for pickup on your own, or allow our team members to pack and label equipment for you at pickup time. Our carriers are TSA-approved, licensed and certified according to all applicable security protocols and waste management regulations. No matter which option you choose, Sipi Asset Recovery will provide support through every step of the disposition process. That support includes verified anonymity of devices and full documentation for proof of regulatory and environmental compliance. Allowing Sipi Asset Recovery to handle the packing process confers several benefits:

  • Assets will be properly identified by product family and assigned a lot number.
  • Asset counts and serial numbers are documented and entered into your customer portal prior to leaving the building.
  • Customers are able to maintain a high level of security.

On-site wiping and data destruction

On-Site Data Wiping and Data DestructionFor even more secure ITAD needs, you may choose to have your company's devices and data securely wiped and destroyed without leaving your office or warehouse. Storage devices such as hard drives can be securely wiped according to DoD erasure standards, and are then checked to certify complete security. If devices can't be completely wiped, they may then be crushed on-site, or packed and shipped for further processing. Complete certification of erasure and destruction is always available instantly. Here's what the on-site data wiping and destruction process looks like:

  1. The Disposition Coordinator - the primary point of contact between you and Sipi Asset Recovery creates an on-site disposition plan and remains in close contact at each step.
  2. ITAD specialists arrive and perform an audit of the equipment to determine data wiping and destruction needs. Serial numbers make it easy for you to track progress and maintain full documentation.
  3. Assets are sorted and inventoried according to their data destruction needs.
  4. In adherence with your organization's security protocols, assets may be either wiped using DoD erasure standards, crushed, degaussed and/or shredded.
  5. Technicians confirm the device was securely wiped or destroyed. You receive certificates of erasure and/or destruction to view online instantly as proof.

Utilizing our suite of on-site services keeps your business in full compliance with necessary regulations and standards, while minimizing time spent organizing such a massive effort on your own. 

Trust Sipi Asset Recovery to handle your next ITAD project, no matter how complex it may be.