Capabilities of our processing facilities

Our dedicated facilities enable us to work with you during every step of the disposition process and the asset lifecycle. The process begins with contacting the Sipi team -- we'll develop a customized plan that fits your needs precisely. From there, we assign you a Sipi Lot Number, and our licensed and trained carriers pick up and transport the equipment to be disposed.

The next step is to receive the contents with a comprehensive audit verified against your lot number. Our data security teams then handle testing and secure wiping of the devices, all of which can be tracked every step of the way in your online portal. If the devices do not pass our rigorous security verification process, they are destroyed according to the disposition plan, at which time certificates of destruction are immediately available on the portal. If the devices pass, then they may be refurbished/remarketed or torn down for recycling.

Our dedicated ITAD processing facilities worldwide:

Illinois, US | California, US | Colombia, South America | Mexico, Central America | Hong Kong, Asia | Scotland, UK

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The SipiAR Asset Processing Lifecycle