A skilled partner and comprehensive strategy for asset disposition are essential

The technology we use every day at work needs to be regularly updated. But... where does it all end up? How are data and devices properly secured, disposed of, or refurbished and reused? This is where Information Technology Asset Disposition -- or ITAD -- comes in. 

While the ITAD process usually falls under the responsibilities of the IT Asset Management (ITAM) team, parts or all of the process may also belong to Procurement, Risk Management or Compliance Management, for whoever is responsible, it is important that all stakeholders understand the value of working with an experienced, certified ITAD service provider.

Sipi Asset Recovery specializes in IT asset disposition tailored to the complex needs of businesses. No matter the size or industry, your organization needs a comprehensive strategy for asset disposal. Learn about Sipi's full spectrum of services.

Doing your part for the environment with IT asset recycling programs

Recycling isn’t just for cost savings - it’s an important step in keeping our planet healthy -- as well as an integral part of ITAD.

Electronic waste is growing into a leading contributor to landfills around the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated that in 2014 alone, Americans generated more than 3 million tons of waste from obsolete electronic products.The EPA also reported that proper recycling of 1 million laptops could save enough electricity to power more than 3,600 homes for a year.

At the same time, it’s critical that businesses work to keep toxic waste from plastics, heavy metals and airborne pollutants out of the environment -- hazardous chemicals from IT waste present a major health concern to humans and wildlife. As such, developing a sound strategy for e-waste is imperative.

When resale is not possible, the experts at Sipi know the best way to dispose of e-waste that minimizes environmental damage. Following best practices and regulations is easier when you're working with trusted experts. Learn more about Sipi Asset Recovery's recycling services.

Recover value and manage risk

When computers, servers or other IT equipment reach the end of their lifecycle, it’s easy to assume these items are hardly worth anything. In many cases, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Assets may have useful life in other organizations. Remarketing of cleaned assets can result in returned value and is also a crucial step in the asset disposition process.

Beyond the raw material value, ITAD also plays a central role in an organization’s risk mitigation strategy. When disposing of large volumes of IT equipment, it takes just one mistake to expose a company to a serious data breach.

Using a certified IT asset processing partner like Sipi minimizes this risk. We don’t just work to make sure all ITAD procedures are carried out correctly and recorded appropriately - we also stay vigilant and vet our service providers and distributors to eliminate unethical recycling services, as well as those using unsafe security practices. Learn about Sipi's professional certifications and experience.