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No two IT asset disposition challenges are the same—and in certain data-intensive industries, the regulatory and security requirements take on an even deeper and more specialized dimension. That's why Sipi Asset Recovery applies significant experience and regulatory know-how for clients in several key markets—for an even greater sense of security and confidence.

In such fields as healthcare, financial services, technology and value-added reselling, Sipi Asset Recovery offers the specialized know-how and deep capability to help clients master their unique business and compliance challenges related to digital asset management and electronic waste disposal.

Financial services

With data breaches regularly making news, financial services organizations are under closer scrutiny than ever before, with attention coming from customers, regulators, elected officials and investors alike. We work closely with leading banks, insurance, credit and other providers to prevent data security missteps that can be extremely damaging at the civil, criminal and financial levels.


Whether focused on hardware or software, technology organizations are brimming with IT assets that are purchased or leased—which over time become either obsolete or inoperative. What happens to the old equipment? That’s where our assistance becomes critical, especially if the value contained in these resources is to be reclaimed with careful, cost-effective attention to environmental concerns.


Healthcare organizations face a daunting set of IT asset disposition challenges, experiencing a large range of data security and personal privacy regulations, ranging from HIPAA to PCI DSS. For-profit healthcare entities are also subject to the same financial regulations that any large public corporation must navigate. We specialize in keeping them well-protected and totally within compliance.

Value Added Resellers

Asset disposition poses a unique challenge—and opportunity—for IT Value Added Resellers (VARs). Although customers do not customarily look to them as a resource for remarketing, recycling or disposing of obsolete or off-lease equipment, any VAR that can help customers do it quickly, easily and securely will find it easier to move larger quantities of new systems to their customers, and drive faster overall customer refresh cycles. We're here to help.

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