Case Studies

ITAD for Healthcare by Sipi

Sipi Asset Recovery provides 'transparent' ITAD solution for a nationwide healthcare organization

Sipi Asset Recovery specializes in creating and executing ITAD plans for healthcare organizations with a particular focus on data security. 

Sipi's Role in Animation Studio's Successful ITAD Program

Sipi Asset Recovery's starring role in animation studio's ITAD process

"We had conversations with a few ITAD companies and conducted trial runs with all of them. Sipi was the clear winner," the IT asset manager said. "Less errors, much faster turn-around, clear documentation and reporting."

White Papers

Data Destruction Requirements in Today's Hyper-Risk Environment

Re-purposing or physical disposal of hardware has never been more complex. While the four proven methods have not changed significantly, their level of precision and reliability has. Principally, regulations that govern treatment of data, which in turn affects each method’s appropriateness, have become more exacting.    

Challenges of ITAD Transportation

Overcoming the Challenges of ITAD Transportation

Transporting end-of-life IT assets securely, safely and economically can be a challenge. In the article, we offer recommendations for you, the carrier and the ITAD service provide to help make the transportation process go as smoothly as possible.