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Will e-waste regulations catch up to reality?

By SIPIAR Team on 9/20/2017
IT asset disposition companies - and the businesses they serve - are in a position to lead the way toward the adoption of more secure and environmentally friendly methods of device disposal. ITAD firms can handle the complex disposal and recycling process from end to end, delivering value to clients in the form of security, risk mitigation and environmental stewardship.

ITAD a multi-billion dollar opportunity

By SIPIAR Team on 9/6/2017
The ITAD industry is growing at breakneck speed. With more devices being cycled in and out of businesses constantly, and given concerns about data security and environmental protection, it's no surprise that ITAD is quickly moving up the list of priorities for executives and IT leaders.

How your company can push the envelope on environmental action

By SIPIAR Team on 9/6/2017
Properly recycling IT assets is an environmental imperative, but it's also an opportunity for businesses to recapture the value of these materials. So it's no wonder why some of the world's biggest corporations are taking IT asset disposition and recycling seriously.

Why transportation poses a challenge for ITAD

By SIPIAR Team on 8/30/2017
Transportation of sensitive IT assets often proves to be one of the weakest points in a company's disposition plan. In 2016, the Identity Theft Resource Center reported more than 1,000 separate data breaches involving the loss or theft of devices in transit.

End-of-life data destruction: A missing link in cybersecurity

By SIPIAR Team on 8/23/2017
Any business that falls prey to cybersecurity failures risks major damage to its brand. That’s why the cost of standard end-of-life data destruction methods will always pale in comparison to the risk of bypassing those standards.

How smart companies are leveraging the 'circular economy'

By SIPIAR Team on 8/16/2017
As electronic devices are updated and replaced, it’s no longer practical or ethical to just send them to a landfill. As a result, according to Morgan Stanley analysts, the circular work of refurbishing, reusing and recycling these devices will become central to the maintenance of a vibrant market economy.

Resources that will help you reduce the risks you face during the IT asset disposition process.

Overcoming the Challenges of ITAD Transportation

Transporting end-of-life IT assets securely, safely and economically can be a challenge. In the article, we offer recommendations for you, the carrier and the ITAD service provide to help make the transportation process go as smoothly as possible.