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Protecting the value of sensitive financial documents

By SIPIAR Team on 10/18/2017
Your business's data has a high value when it falls into the wrong hands. Sipi Asset Recovery secures your data during the ITAD process to help prevent these all-too-common crimes.

Maintaining data security in healthcare

By SIPIAR Team on 10/4/2017
Managing data security risks isn't a one-man job in any profession. Sipi Asset Recovery helps healthcare providers and other HIPAA-compliance businesses safely dispose of sensitive data storage devices while ensuring every step along the way is monitored and documented.

Data security concerns unique to financial services

By SIPIAR Team on 9/27/2017

Regarding secure data erasure, financial institutions of all shapes and sizes have plenty to worry about. Partnering with an experienced IT asset disposition firm may be among the best ways to mitigate the myriad of risks associated with data security in the financial industry.

Why transportation poses a challenge for ITAD

By SIPIAR Team on 8/30/2017
Transportation of sensitive IT assets often proves to be one of the weakest points in a company's disposition plan. In 2016, the Identity Theft Resource Center reported more than 1,000 separate data breaches involving the loss or theft of devices in transit.